How do you tell your child about the true dangers of firearms? You don't. You SHOW them. We have spent countless hours developing our KIDS Home Firearm Safety class through the eyes of children, not through the minds of adults. Children learn best when participating in safety education, and our class gives them the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and respect for firearms. This is a non-shooting, yet activity-based program that helps develop your child's confidence in knowing right from wrong when it comes to firearms.

Parents are encouraged (although not required) to stay for the class and can do so for FREE!

radKIDS   $110

radKIDS® objective is to provide educational opportunities for children and parents concerning awareness and personal safety strategies, instilling confidence, and reducing the possibility of adverse physical control. We are committed to providing education that enhances the ability of children, parents, and families to utilize knowledge, skills, and power to protect themselves from violence and harm. radKIDS® is committed to providing each child with a personally empowering and comprehensive foundational paradigm of safety based on self-value, self-worth, and self-esteem.

Please visit radKIDS Lake Norman for class information and registration.